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Finding new, broken, and lost links is equally as straightforward as you just need to click the Lost and Found tab from the menu and you’ll be presented with this a dashboard showing you the number of new, broken, and lost links and referring domains. Backlinks, along with content, make up the most important factors that influence how well your webpages perform in search engine results pages SERPs. Moz again won this round. After this, an information window appears in which you must specify how many days to send these links for indexing. With its intuitive layout, Moz is suited for both novice and seasoned digital marketers. Customized Reports: Linkio allows you to generate customized reports on your backlink performance, providing you with insights into the effectiveness of your link building efforts. You can also use the data to see what kind of content is linked to your website and analyze how effective your link building efforts are. Want the quick takeaways first. Fortunately, you can do it automatically with the backlink monitoring tools we list below. The first step to this will be using your backlink monitor to keep a catalog of the activity on your domains.

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Backlinks, Digital Marketing, Google Algorithm, Referring domains, SEO, Small law firm marketing, Small Law Firms. This information can be used to improve website content or target additional marketing efforts. Hunter is known for its email finding tool that helps to collect email addresses from any company name or website in seconds. Rankings are based on all the above and of course the on page factors like: content quality, keyword focus, and general theme relevancy of your domain for a specific topic. So you did your job, and after a successful outreach campaign, you gained some high quality backlinks. Serpstat also inspects all anchor texts and identifies areas for improvement. Monitor Backlinks allows you to go deeper in the backlinks analysis by offering different filters, such as. This includes top linking sites and keywords, as well as your top backlinked URLs both internal and external. This is a great way to identify spammy backlinks that could be hurting your ranking. The plugin is user friendly for beginners, has a setup wizard, and you don’t need to be an SEO expert in using it. When Google crawls a web page and finds a link, it uses the anchor text to determine if the destination URL is relevant to the linking page. Getting backlinks will increase your ranking because high authority backlinks let Google see your site as more authoritative.


Customers Customer industry counts are calculated based on the data captured and tracked on the 6sense platform. Image via LinkResearchTools. If one of your ads or guest posting links more details has been removed from a site, the tool will notify you. Hold real debates instead of pitching directly. I am completely satisfied. Its integration with Google Analytics allows you to analyze user behavior, traffic sources, and conversion metrics, providing valuable data for SEO process improvement. Backlinks originating from reputable sources carry more trustworthiness for the Google search engine. In addition to your Domain Authority, which measures how likely your website is to rank in the search engine results pages SERPs, the top section of the overview provides. Published in September 2023. They just do more harm than good. Exporting the reports you want is possible in a number of formats if needed. Majestic data is used, and we all know that they have a large database, so you’ll get pretty accurate data on your backlinks. We hope this article helped you learn about the best backlink checker tools.


What it is, how it works, what makes a good link, how to build it and more. But a comprehensive backlink strategy includes more than just link building. These tools simplify the process of managing your backlinks, provide essential insights, and help you optimize your SEO strategy. You generally want to have as many backlinks as possible. The tool takes care of the regular checkups automatically and notifies you in case of any changes. Easily edit or reassign tags. The templates are crafted specifically for white hat link building, such as making inquiries for guest posts, interview, and podcasts opportunities, offering infographics, etc. I also find the tool very easy to use. Try the free version of Ahrefs’ Backlink Checker. Then there’s the Startup plan $25 per month for 2500 monitored backlinks, the Business plan $49 per month for 5000 monitored backlinks, and the Agency plan $99 per month for 10,000 monitored backlinks.

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Know what’s happening with your brand, and reach out to develop relationships with high authority sites. But this technique is not so efficient. You can do the same thing for a competitor’s website. Ahrefs: This powerful SEO tool offers an extensive suite of monitoring features, including backlink tracking and analysis, keyword tracking and research, content analysis, and more. The display of information adapts to your preferences, customize the columns of your interface in only 2 clicks. You can also check up to 1,000 subpages with a free Seobility account. Some of them won’t, of course, like their affiliated partner domains and so on. Let’s go over the top keyword tracking software out there so that you can find the best one for your business. 00% of Inspyder Backlink Monitor customers are from the United States. Once the URL or a domain is entered in the search bar of the tool, all backlinks found by the tool are displayed and many visualisation enables to see the evolution of your website links. It gives you access to three trillion valuable links through an in house database.

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We combine and recrawl all backlinks we get reported as live, because more often than not, they have change weeks ago. SEMrush is a comprehensive digital marketing tool focused on SEO, content marketing, advertising, social media, and agency growth. After upload or import, Serpple take control of the rest. Besides backlink analysis, you can also use Semrush on other aspects of search engine optimization and digital marketing. Link type “dofollow” / “nofollow”. If you make some changes on your site and decide to redirect your traffic using 301 or 302 redirects, it is a good idea to change the link on the referring site too. You have to create a free account and verify your domains. However, the data may be exported and analyzed using other tools. You can even evaluate the quality of links with the backlink trust score.

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To improve your reporting, you must focus on the results of your backlinks and check what sites apply to your backlinks. Moz is very easy to use and has different plan and pricing options that can be found by contacting customer service via the website. Why it’s the best open source option: Whether you choose the free on premises version or a paid cloud hosted version of SEO Panel, you get helpful features to track your backlinks, page speed, keyword positions, and your site’s rank. Another suite of SEO tools designed for professional organizations and DIY link builders is Moz. Depending on how often you post, you could publish several dozen pieces before looking back and realizing many of them were a mistake. Marketing teams using CabinetM gain critical visibility and leverage to save time, money, drive revenue, and manage digital transformation. But, over time, those links may be removed or lost for different reasons. Backlink monitoring turns out essential, when you are launching a new website, onboards its expansive link building efforts with their SEO team. Free up to 10 links: Monitor Backlinks is completely free up to 10 links. Step into the limelight with BuzzSumo – the backlink checker tool that transforms your online footprint into a sensation. You can do that by selecting and comparing your link profile to five competitors.


Open Link Profiler has a free service, but dedicated users can purchase a fuller version of the tool from $69. This backlink checker is one out of hundreds of free services offered by this utility website. Use powerful filters to dive deeper. Quickly identify new link opportunities to boost client rankings. Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions About the GDPR. Its features include analytics reports for organic growth, built in advertising research capability, traffic analytics, backlink tools, and keyword research, among others. Way 1: Use the tables that were given earlier. If this is the case, you may find that the monitoring features these sites offer are enough. Ahrefs offer four pricing plans. We share content marketing best practices and SEO strategies from the brightest minds in marketing. You can enter multiple tags for each backlink group, using a comma , to separate tags. Checking your competitor website’s backlinks would help you to effectively build a link building strategy like writing high quality content for improving your website rankings. However, it will ultimately be up to you, which tool is the best complement to your online business.

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The basic account costs $99 monthly and should be more than enough to track your backlinks. For SEO professionals and in house marketers. At a basic level, a backlink monitor allows you to view all of the backlinks to a specific site within a certain time frame. With this backlink analysis tool, you can compare your site’s backlinks with your competitors’ and see where you’re falling behind. The Linkody tool makes the process very simple for you. These representatives are trained in providing the best possible support to all the clients.

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This article was originally published in June 2021. The cheapest plan costs $19. As one of the more accurate SEO tools, it will give you weekly updates on new links of your competitors and every few days it checks your current backlinks, to see if any changes occurred. In the guide below, we’ll help you understand what backlinks are and the best backlink checker you can use. Monitor Backlinks features include. Some common features include the ability to identify and analyze backlinks from different sources, the option to track link metrics such as domain authority and anchor text, the ability to detect and disavow toxic or spammy links, and the availability of competitor analysis and link building opportunities. I’ve also encountered these results and it would be a major step forward to group these results by domain. Your site is wonderful, I enjoyed being with you and using your excellent toolbox for optimizing my website. Top marketing trends and the most shared content from over the past month, direct to your inbox. In addition, SE Ranking not only shows your own backlink profile but also that of the linking pages, allowing you to determine their authority.

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You can find prospects, craft persuasive pitches, and manage follow ups, all in one place. First, you need to filter them out. The importance of link quality cannot be understated. Additionally, it has a variety of outputs and other features available, such as. Beyond that, SEO monitoring tools also offer additional capabilities that you’ll want to take advantage of. GSA search engine ranker tool is widely know by black hat and white hat SEOs.

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The latter will help you spot backlink opportunities. Negative Impact on Image. Additionally, Moz Pro’s backlink analysis tool allows you to check critical metrics like Domain Authority, Page Authority, and Spam Score. If bloggers don’t take your guest blogging proposal, you can offer them to fix their broken links. This includes an extensive list of their top level cohorts e. Count up all your links and see the trends over time with useful visualizations.

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A number of do follow and no follow links you can have by practicing this tool and a number of unique domains carrying out to your site. The Backlink Gap tool allows you to easily identify which websites link to multiple competitors—these will most likely be your top link building opportunities. Monitor Backlinks is a tool for tracking the SEO performance of your own website and your competitors. Backlink Patrol delivers a service that can strongly improve the efficiency of your guest blogging and paid back linking endeavors. In this post, we’ll show you why monitoring backlinks for your ecommerce store is essential, how to monitor them efficiently, and tools that can help. Using this tool, you’ll always know exactly what your competition is doing. When another site links to yours, the clickable text in the hyperlink should read naturally on the page.


Makes life very easy. Linkchecker is the top backlink monitoring check out tool available. Without an active link building campaign, you could earn links if you have linkable assets. SE Ranking costs between £23 and £112 a month. Many thanks for this. Overall, this process will help you pinpoint where you have work to do in your link building and SEO strategy, from outreach targets, link prospects, and monitoring the SEO performance of specific pages. The process starts with an organic marketing assessment in which its team will look at your current practices and help develop a roadmap for the future. But if you’re serious about online marketing, you need a backlink checking tool. Grow Your Traffic FAST. On clicking that, you will get a very intuitive form that you can fill the details of your link with. Therefore, you will sort out already indexed links.